BestEssaysEducation Review: Looking into Best Writing Offers


When we review writing services, we always use the same assessment elements, and they are included in the sections below. Our goal is to keep students from making mistakes when they choose a writing service – there are just too many “bad actors” out there, and it takes a lot of time and effort to properly investigate a potential company. Fortunately, we do the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Here is our presentation of

Pricing System

Evaluating payment systems involves specific elements:

  • We want to see honesty in pricing – no hidden fees
  • We think it is important that students can get a general estimate of cost before they move forward to the ordering phase
  • We look at other elements that may impact final pricing, either up or down
  • We review payment options and the security of payment processing

These are the facts about BestEssaysEducation:

  • The final cost given at the end of the ordering process is fixed. The only time this would change is if, during the production process, a customer added to his order in some way that meant more work for the writer.
  • BestEssaysEducation has a “quote estimate” form as soon as its site is opened. Students can use drop down menus to plug in some initial information and get an estimated cost.
  • The pricing system is broken up into different types of writing, and they all come with different cost structures. The other factors involved in cost are the schooling level of the student and how soon he needs delivery.
  • There is a discount plan and a link to that plan. Anyone ordering for the first time gets 23% off, and those who are returning can qualify for other discounts. Obviously, this reduces the final price.
  • BestEssaysEducation offers other options at checkout – these will add to the final cost, so students should consider them carefully.

In all, BestEssaysEducation has a pricing system that is clear, reasonable, and falls in line with other writing services we have rated highly.

Types of Services

There are two aspects to this assessment category. We first look at the collection of products and services a company offers – we want to see a lot. After that, we focus on quality because without that, no matter how large the collection, it is for naught.

Collection of Services

BestEssaysEducation has separated its collection into specific categories, and each one of them has a unique pricing chart.

  • Academic Paper Writing: This encompasses all types of writing assignments that a student might be given, from a basic essay to a complex research project and anything in between. This also includes homework.
  • Re-Writing, Editing, and Proofreading: These categories relate to fixing students’ own research and writing, from a complete re-write to just a final polish. A BestEssaysEducation editorial staff takes on these projects.
  • STEM Assistance: STEM students often struggle with tough projects, problem sets, and even regular homework assignments. They need help from topic specific experts, and BestEssaysEducation, according to some customers, has those experts.
  • Admissions Services: Applicants for both undergraduate and graduate schools/programs must submit essays or personal statements with their application materials. These pieces must be engaging and creatively written – they are often what causes a student to stand out. BestEssaysEducation has a team of creative writers for such tasks.
  • Dissertation Services: This category covers theses and dissertations. Ph.D. researchers and writers are assigned to these orders.
  • Resume Services: BestEssaysEducation offers writers with HR backgrounds to craft original pieces or edit/proofread existing ones.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: For students who struggle with test-taking, topic area pros can step in.

BestEssaysEducation offers a full collection of services. And, if a student should find it to be a good service to use, it can be a source for everything.

Services Quality

As we stated, a large array of services without accompanying quality is useless. Students must be confident that, when they order something, they will get quality that will ensure good grades. We spend a lot of time investigating quality. BestEssaysEducation did not disappoint us. This is what we know:

  • The website writing is great – well-organized content, simple and clear, and reflective of outstanding grammar and composition. This is a clue that customers will also get quality writing.
  • There are two sample writings, both at college levels. Research was appropriate and relevant; structure was sound with good thesis statements and logical flow. Grammar and composition were excellent.
  • There are customers of BestEssaysEducation who are also registered users of our website. We solicited their comments and feedback and read what many had already posted. They all expressed high levels of satisfaction, and many of them have used the company for several needs.
  • We conducted searches for customer feedback on the Internet and did find quite a bit. Customers indicated high levels of satisfaction, just as our users did.

A full collection and quality to boot – a perfect combination.

Payment Methods

Students are in English-speaking highs schools and colleges all over the world. Writing services that cater to them must provide payment in multiple currencies, and BestEssaysEducation does this.

Payments can be made via all standard bank cards, along with wire transfer. Students can also use PayPal as a conduit, running their cards through this secure payment platform.

We do not want to see a writing company process its own payments. They do not have the technology that will provide the necessary security., like all other reputable writing services, uses a secure payment processor.


BestEssaysEducation provides all of the guarantees that we like to see, published via its written policies, and found on several other places throughout its site. Having guarantees is one thing. Implementing them when necessary is another. According to customers, guarantees are in force and practiced. Here they are:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Any student who is unhappy with his deliverable can request as many revisions as necessary until he is happy.
  • Product Ownership: This is important. When a student orders a piece from BestEssaysEducation and takes delivery, he owns that piece. The company deletes it. No one else will see it or be able to use it.
  • Privacy: This is critical for students who want to keep their use of a writing service confidential. BestEssaysEducation has a written policy that provides the details of this guarantee.
  • Money-Back: Again, has a policy that describes the condition by which customers are eligible for different types of refunds. It is clear and matches that of other trusted writing services.
  • Customized and Unique Writing: This is a more general guarantee that has its foundations in several sub-guarantees. All written pieces will be customized according to the customer’s order; all delivered writing will be plagiarism-free. These things, along with checks on resources and writing quality, are the responsibility of the BestEssaysEducation quality assurance department.

Is Site Legit?

We consider a site to be legit if it honestly represents the company behind it. There are numerous writing service websites out there that promise the moon, but the company itself does not provide trustworthy services or high caliber writing. The BestEssaysEducation website represents a company that is trustworthy and professional in all categories that we have evaluated.


We present the most important pros as follows:

  • Superior caliber of research and writing
  • Responsive customer support
  • Honored guarantees
  • Direct conversation with writer
  • Commitment to long-term relationships with customers


Yes, we have found some:

  • There are only two samples for customers to review. There should be many more, at various grade levels and topi
  • The blog is seriously in need of updating. Not a good source for current issues of students.

To Sum Up

We have reviewed and will continue to review online writing companies. We rate them all on the same criteria, to give students as factual a picture as possible. We really like BestEssaysEducation in all respects. And we can confidently recommend it to students who are looking for a permanent writing service resource.



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