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Bid4Papers uses a different type of ordering system. The company doesn’t interfere with the client’s decision on working with a specific writer. The customer will add the details of his/her order and allow writers to bid for it. Then, it’s the client’s decision to work with the writer he/she feels is the perfect mix between experience and affordable offer. While this type of ordering system can be very flexible and many customers might enjoy it, we consider it is not the best type of process for beginners.

Therefore, when we built this Bid4Papers review, we decided to be honest with our readers. We extracted the information on how the company works from We carefully analyzed the pros and cons and decided to present them to our readers in this comprehensive review. While we like that the writers can bid for the orders, we didn’t like that the company doesn’t offer any discounts to the client. We consider that Bid4Papers should work more on making its services more appealing to clients and find ways to attract them with generous discounts or special offers.


Bid4Papers cannot offer a price range for the content services delivered by the writers. They can personalize their offers for the clients as they want and try to convince them with a low bid if possible. This is one of the main features of the bidding system. The clients mention as many details as possible about their content need in the order form. The writer will take the information from there and deliver the bid according to the number of pages, difficulty level, or deadline mentioned by the customer.

Therefore, Bid4Papers is not able to offer a price calculator or table as the vendor isn’t involved in any way in the way the writer creates its offer. Still, Bid4Papers offers some examples on the site to show customers what they should expect. Thus, the client might pay $17.5 for one page of an essay written on a literature topic.

Still, we consider that the company should offer an additional fee for those customers who want to let the vendor choose the right writer for them. Many companies that have a bidding system in place choose this alternative. It works very well for beginners who find it difficult to select the best writer for them. Thus, this additional service becomes a safety net for them.

Discounts are also important to make a writing company more attractive to students. We checked for a discount policy. Still, we couldn’t find anything available on In the FAQ section, we discovered that the vendor mentions that it doesn’t offer any discounts to clients. Despite the price being calculated by the writer, we consider that the company should work on developing some discount levels. therefore, Bid4Papers services will be more attractive for those students who have a limited budget and don’t want to choose the lowest bid just because they cannot pay more.


Bid4Papers works with talented writers who can write essays on different topics. The company’s selection process is very strict. It is the best strategy that Bid4Papers can use to make sure that it works with some of the best professionals on the market. Also, Bid4Papers has a Writers Department in place. The team working for this department is in charge of checking the writers’ evolution and the way they manage to satisfy the client’s needs. So, in case something doesn’t work well, they will immediately warn the writer and make sure that the respective professional manages to keep its clients satisfied.

Apart from essay writing, the writers working for Bid4Papers can deliver other types of content. For example, the clients can order research papers, book or movie reviews, can ask for homework help, or send an order for research or term papers. The vendor also collaborates with skilled writers who can deliver a well-researched dissertation paper.

Admission essay is another type of service delivered by Bid4Papers. Clients can rely on the writers’ expertise to produce a convincing admission essay that will secure their entrance into one of the colleges they always dreamt about. Luckily for them, Bid4Papers made sure to work with writers who have experience delivering admission essays for colleges from ivy league and know exactly how to draft such documents to not disappoint their clients.

Payment Methods

Bid4Papers is very strict when it comes to the payment methods accepted on its site. Customers have two alternatives when it comes to finalizing the payment of their orders on Clients are allowed to use only MasterCard and VISA cards. Even though these payment instruments are 100% safe, we recommend Bid4Papers to introduce new methods such as PayPal or another type of card.

Money-Back Guarantee

We found a separate page on dedicated to refunds. We consider this is a sign of respect towards clients who should have the freedom to ask for their money back if they change their minds about the order. Also, a company that manages to develop a comprehensive and fair refund policy will be more reliable in the customers’ eyes in comparison to other companies on the market.

When they submit an order request and choose a writer, the clients’ funds aren’t immediately transferred to the writer. Bid4Papers holds the money until the client receives part of the paper according to the agreement he/she made with the writer. Once the client approves the content he/she received, the money will be released to the writer’s account.

In case the customer didn’t approve the content he/she received and decides to cancel the order, he/she will get a full refund. Such situations are possible in the case of basic orders. If the customer paid for additional services and ordered a “Featured Order”, then Bid4Papers won’t refund these extra amounts. Also, in case the customer decides to cancel the order after some of the parts have been already accepted, then he/she can receive the money-back only for those parts which were still not delivered. Finally, if the client didn’t send the correct instructions or didn’t reply to the writer’s request for additional information, Bid4Papers won’t accept any refund requests.

Revisions are another important section that customers are looking for when they enter Apart from the short details mentioned on, the company doesn’t clarify which are the conditions under which they offer free revisions. Still, the vendor accepts revision requests and encourages clients to discuss with the customer support department if they find that the writer didn’t follow instructions accordingly.

Is Legit?

We found that is a reliable website. It allows customers to finalize the payments for their orders via cards. This is the most solid proof that the site is legit as it is clear that it uses an encrypted payment system that secures the clients’ payments. Also, we discovered a privacy policy available on This means that the vendor treats the clients’ confidential information with responsibility and customers shouldn’t worry about their data.


This Bid4Papers review highlights the following positive vendor’s characteristics:

  • Easy-to-use bidding system
  • Refund policy
  • Legit site
  • Safe payment instruments


We identified the following negative points that this vendor should improve:

  • PayPal should be introduced as an accepted payment method
  • No discounts are offered by the company


Bid4Papers uses a flexible ordering process that allows writers to bid for the orders submitted by clients. Thus, the vendor puts customers in contact with skilled writers and allows them to select the professionals they want to work with. We liked that is a legit site. We also applauded the fact that Bid4Papers allows customers to pay using their cards, which are one of the safest payment methods. On the other hand, we consider that the company should work on developing an attractive discount policy. Therefore, they would attract more clients and encourage them to return to submit orders on Despite developing a comprehensive refund policy, we think that the vendor should put efforts into offering clear guidelines on how revisions are handled.



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