Get the Custom Writing You Want

Defining custom writing is not tough. At its core, it is writing that completely conforms to the specifications of the person in need of that writing. Most people who use writers or editors do not demand custom writing. A celebrity, for example, who uses a ghostwriter to craft his memoirs, does not determine exactly how that memoir is to be written. He provides information to the ghostwriter and depends on that person to write the piece as he sees fit.

This is not the case with academic writing. If a student contracts for custom writing, the writer is of a wholly different type. This person is a scholar with a background in an academic environment and a history of successful formal writing expected by instructors and professors. And when students make the decision to contract with a writing service for their course assignments, they are going to need custom writing.

What Exactly Does Custom Writing Mean?

If a writing service promises custom writing, here is what should happen when a student orders and pays for a piece of writing:

  • Students will fill out a detailed order form. It will include the specific type of writing, the topic, the length, the types of resources to be used, the number of resources, the format style, and any other unique requirements that an instructor has given. The deadline date for delivery must also be given.
  • If a table of contents or outline is required, that must be added to the order.
  • Once the order has been received, it must be analyzed to ensure that all details are provided, so that a writer will be able to complete it exactly to the customer’s specifications. If there are any questions, the company should contact the student for clarification.
  • Only after the order has been analyzed should a writer be assigned. That writer must be qualified to complete the order in a scholarly manner.
  • The best custom writing services will suggest setting up a line of communication between the writer and the This is the only way for writers to receive needed information instantly and for students to provide additional specifications.
  • Once the piece of writing is finished, it is sent to customers for approval. If it does not meet particular specifications, then the student has the right to request changes.
  • And most important? The piece must be created from scratch after it is ordered, and be completely original from the first sentence to the last.

It goes without saying that structure, grammar, and punctuation must be perfect.

How do You Get the Best Custom Writing?

This can be a tough problem since writing services tend to promise custom writing delivery for every student. But remember that writing services aren`t necessarily honest and professional. In fact, a small minority of writing companies will do right by the customers in terms of providing custom writing done from scratch. And you want to find one of the small minority.

You can spend an awful lot of time studying online writing companies’ websites trying to figure out whether they provide legit services. What will you find on such websites? They will give you information about products and services; they will tell you they employ the best writers in the business; they will insist that they guarantee satisfaction, confidentiality, and plagiarism-free content. They will show glowing testimonials from customers or provide samples and blog posts for students to read. Still, there is no real proof that the supposed custom writing service is all that it claims to be.

And the worst part? You may decide to order a piece of writing by a cheap custom writing service, pay for it, and end up with a piece that is not only not custom but so poorly written that you cannot possibly submit it to your instructor. You were scammed.

There is a better way.

Check Out Custom Writing Review Sites

One of the ways to find a solid custom writing company is to go to a writing service review site and take a look at what they say about individual writing companies and their rankings. In short, they already did half the job instead of you. They conducted deep research, gathered feedback from actual customers on the quality of products and services, and presented the information in short summaries. Such review services also have discussion boards for students to communicate with each other and share their thoughts on recommended companies and services.

We created this service to help you get the much-deserved custom writing if you are going to cough up good money for writing.