Can a Company with History Adjust to Modern Conditions? Read in New Edubirdie Review


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Trusted Essay Review is not a writing service. What we are is a resource for students of all ages, high school through graduate programs, as they seek all sorts of help with academic life and assignments. Our platform operates almost like a social media site, with registered users who post comments, issues, and “solutions.” We also maintain a blog and present lots of other outside resources that may be of interest.

But most important, and probably the best resource we offer is our reviews of online academic writing agencies that are marketing writing and other assignment services to students. We do the research that students do not have the time to do and present lots of factual data about writing services -the objective truth – so that students can choose top-notch companies that can deliver what they need when they need it.

This Edubirdie review is the result of our most recent investigatory initiative, and we are presenting it here. Hopefully, students will read our summary and decide for themselves if it is a company they will find useful.

Pricing System

Cost is a big factor for most students because money is usually tight. We get this. But we also get that there a lot of writing companies out there with prices too cheap to be able to deliver quality.  Expert writers don’t work for “chump change.” The go-to services that pay them a good wage. When we see very low prices, experience. There are some other factors in looking at the price too.

  • First, do Edubirdie prices fall in line with those of writing service we know to produce quality?
  • Second, is there differentiation among the various types of products and services that Edubirdie offers? Secondary school and graduate-level students should not be paying the same price for an essay. Likewise, they should not be paying the same price for a basic essay as for a research paper or an admissions essay.
  • What other factors affect Edubirdie pricing? There should be things like due dates and free and/or optional add-ons.

We found that does align with all other services that we have evaluated and rated highly. We did note that it does not have a permanent discount plan but, instead, runs sales at times. There are also optional elements that customers can choose and that may be appropriate for higher-tier students,

Types of Services

One of the things that makes a writing service valuable is offering a full scope of academic help. When they do, and students like what they get, they can then use that company for everything and over the long-term, as they progress through their schooling.

Edubirdie looks like it offers that full scope. Students can access the “services” and “editing” links on the landing page and find all that is offered. We did this already, and here is what we found:

  • Essays: All types of essays, basic and research, on all topics, at all tiers of schooling
  • Research and term papers: Again, any topic, at all grade levels
  • Theses and Dissertations: Edubirdie states that it has Ph.D. scholars in all research fields who can provide any and all types of assistance with these culminating projects for Master’s and Doctorate degrees.
  • Coursework: Students can get overwhelmed with the myriad of regular coursework assignments that “dog their days.” Edubirdie promises that it can take these burdens away so that students can focus on other priorities. These services can also include multiple-choice test-taking.
  • Case Studies: These can be assigned in social sciences, business, and even technology courses, usually at the undergrad and grad levels. Edubirdie states that its topic-area experts have the degrees, background, and experience to produce them with top quality.
  • Other: This is a “catch-all” category that applies to other help that students at all levels may need – such things as STEM projects, annotated bibliographies, research proposals and projects, abstracts, and more. Edubirdie clearly states that, if any student should need help that is not specifically stated, it should contact the customer support department, and secure their orders.
  • Editing and Proofreading: Under this link, students will find that any piece of their own writing can be edited, proofread, and polished by Edubirdie topic-specific staff.

The list of Edubirdie academic help offerings is impressive. But all of this is for naught unless the quality is there too.

We evaluate the quality of all writing services using common criteria:

  • We always read through the entire website, page by page. We want to see a well-organized structure, but also great English composition and grammar. This provides an indication of the quality that customers will receive. In the case of Edubirdie. The content was well-structured and clear. A few errors were typical of SEL writers, and that is a bit of a concern.
  • We like to see samples on the website. Edubirdie does not offer these, and we would suggest that they do so.
  • Several of our registered users did have comments about Edubirdie, and we openly asked for more. We even received copies of a couple of pieces that the company had delivered to students. Here are our general conclusions. High school students are happy with their products. ESL students are happy too. As the academic level goes up, though, students do voice some issues with suitable research and compositional errors. Edubirdie does offer revisions, and these students do say that they have been able to get those. But they also say that the revisions do not correct everything.
  • We always check the web, especially social media and consumer review sites, to see what other customers have to say. This feedback was pretty much the same as that of our users.

In sum, we can say this. Edubirdie offers academic help that is widely satisfactory for lower level and ESL students.

Payment Methods

We want to see two things here. Are there several payment methods so that students anywhere on the plant can make payment? And do payment methods offer the security and safety that we require? Here is what we discovered about Edubirdie.

  • All major international bank cards are accepted, so residents of any country can easily make payment
  • Edubirdie does not use PayPal as an alternative and very secure payment platform. Customers can run their cards through PayPal without having an account there. And PayPal is recognized internationally as one of the most secure payment platforms. We would recommend Edubirdie add this method.
  • When students do make their payments to Edubirdie, they should know that the company does not process those payments. It does not have the security technology to fully protect customer financial data. Instead, they use a secure SSL-certified outside processing firm that has the right technology in place.


Edubirdie has only a single written policy. Most writing companies have 4 or 5. But there are a number of guarantees contained in that policy as well as on various pages of the website. To sum these up, we present the following:

  • No Plagiarism: This is huge, and the most important guarantee that a writing service must provide. Edubirdie scans every finished piece for plagiarism and also sends all finished work to a quality control department where it is checked again.
  • Customer Satisfaction: This is a category that covers several Edubirdie promises – adherence to customer instructions, originality, research integrity, formatting, writing structure and flow, and grammar and composition.
  • Deadlines Met: Edubirdie promises that customer deadline will be met, and only writers who can meet those deadlines will be assigned to an order. According to actual customer comments, deadlines are indeed met.
  • Customer Support: Edubirdie maintains a customer support department around the clock. It may be contacted by phone, live chat, or email.
  • Money-Back: Refunds are offered under certain circumstances. These are included in the one written policy. These usually apply when the company has been at fault, can be partial or full, and are decided on an individual basis. customers do state that these promises are upheld.

Is Site Legit?

A writing service website is legit if the company it represents is. The Edubirdie website does reflect a company that is legally established, has a well-organized and truthful website, does offer a wide array of academic services, and has practices in place that do lead to customer satisfaction. And customer comments at the lower academic level and from ESL students are positive. There are guarantees in place that other highly-rated companies have.

Edubirdie is, indeed, legitimate writing service with a legitimate website.


Here is what we see as the benefits of

  • It serves lower level and ESL students well.
  • Customer confidentiality and payment security is in place
  • Deadlines are met
  • Customer support available 24/7


There are some cons that students should consider too:

  • There are no sample writings to review
  • Only on written policy is unusual
  • Plagiarism scan is free but also a fee-based option for $25 at checkout.
  • Satisfaction of college and grad students is mixed
  • Company should consider adding PayPal as a payment method

To Sum Up is a legitimate writing service that has been in business for several years. It does provide a wide range of academic services and is deemed valuable by certain student segments. College and grad students may want to look at some of our other top companies.



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