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The moment a student realizes they need help with a writing assignment, they have a difficult task to complete. How do they find a writing service that does quality work without going broke? That’s why we’ve written this EssayPro review. We want to help students by providing them with detailed info about the top popular writing service providers. For this, we explored the website, received an essay from one of their writers, reviewed it, talked to customer support, and researched the company online.

Thanks to these efforts, we were able to discern that EssayPro is very popular among students, and has been active for quite some time. In fact, their history in this industry goes back 20 years. EssayPro staff more than 400 writers and have filled more than 1 million orders. They’ve managed to do this by proving the consistently deliver great products on time.

Pricing System

When compared to other companies that provide university writing services, EssayPro goes about things differently. They do not charge the same rate for each order, they’ve implemented a bidding system. Customers input their contact information and details about the writing they need. This information is made available to EssayPro writers. Each writer who is interested may then place a bid. The average price of a paper is 11 dollars per page. That’s a bit lower than the industry average. The customer then waits until they get the bids they want, and chooses the best one.

Once the customer accepts a bid, they are required to deposit money into an ‘escrow’ account for holding. This money is later distributed to the writer by EssayPro when they complete the work as agreed. We encourage any customer who uses this site to consider more than price. Instead, take the time to review the writer’s credentials and ratings as well.

Because the customer and writers negotiate prices privately, offers no discounts. Instead, students must be savvy enough to ensure that they are getting a good deal. One thing we were able to do is haggle with a writer to ensure they would provide a bibliography and outline along with the final draft.

Once we got accustomed to this new way of pricing and payments, we rather liked it. We were able to learn quite a bit about each writer we considered, and it was empowering to make the final selection ourselves. We also learned that EssayPro can be trusted to handle these payments fairly.

Types of Services

EssayPro services fall under four main categories. These are writing, rewriting, proofreading, and editing. While our quality assessment falls mainly under writing, we also obtained information about the other three service areas. Here’s a bit about what to expect with each.


This is their main service. Customers can select this category to order a wide variety of products written from scratch. These include essays, research papers, dissertations, term papers, lab reports, etc. This category also includes several non-writing assignments such as chemistry, biology, statistics, and others. Students can also request help with multiple-choice questions.


In some instances, students have a completed paper that needs a significant overhaul. That’s the purpose of rewriting services. The writer takes the paper and rewrites it making significant enough changes that it’s entirely new when they finish.

Editing And Proofreading

Editing and proofreading services are perfect for students who want to ensure their writing is polished. A talented editor or proofreader fixes errors relating to spelling and grammar. They also assist with flow, formatting, word choice, and clarity.

Once you select the service you want, you can input the deadline and number pages. This information is then made visible to all available writers.

It’s clear there is a wide variety of products and services here. Even better, students can rely on EssayPro for papers that meet the highest standards in the industry. Because payments are held in escrow, writers are particularly motivated to do an excellent job. It also helps that every customer may hand-select the writer who will be assigned to their project. After reviewing dozens of reviews and other feedback, we are convinced that students trust EssayPro writers to do an excellent job.

Payment Options

In order to accept a bid, customers of EssayPro must put down a deposit. This can be done using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex. We were unable to determine if Google or Apple Pay options were available. We hope that more options are added in the future. Still, we were happy with what was available and pleased to note that we had an easy time navigating the payment process. Further, this is a secure payment system. We did not encounter any students who had issues with the payment system at essaypro.


EssayPro offers a variety of guarantees. They have put these in place to help ensure that customers feel comfortable doing business with them. Here’s what we found.


Just like other services, guarantees that all writing is completely original. Even with the bidding process that is in place, originality reports are available. Customers may refuse to make the payment or request a refund if a paper is found to have an excessive amount of duplicate copy in it.

Writer Quality

Not only can you review each writer’s qualifications, but you also get to make the final selection. More importantly, because all payments are held, you can get help from EssayPro staff with any issues you encounter. This helps to ensure that all work is done as ordered.

Stay Informed

We learned that you can opt to receive email and SMS notifications 24/7 for progress updates on your order. This is perfect for anyone who wants to stay on top of things.


Refunds are not offered in every single instance. However, there are circumstances where a full or partial refund is guaranteed. For example, if no bid is placed on an order, any deposited money is refunded. The same is true if the writer fails to complete the assignment. EssayPro provides prorated refunds on order cancellations. For example, an order that is canceled before any work is done will receive a full refund. Once a writer has begun work on an order, that amount is prorated according to the amount of work completed.

Is it Legit

We can attest to the fact that both the website, and the services offered therein are completely legitimate. We confirmed that customers who place orders receive documents. Those papers are regularly delivered on time. There are safe payment options as well.

We came to these conclusions after reviewing works, reading reviews written by independent sources, and engaging with the website ourselves. There is no doubt that this site can be trusted. Further, we found no concerning complaints from students or any other sources.


There are many attractive features here. Take some time to read through this brief summary:

  • Customers hand-select writers
  • Professional writers with clear qualifications
  • Support from EssayPro if work is disputed
  • Originality guarantees
  • Excellent reputation
  • Secure payments
  • Great writing
  • Easy website navigation
  • Helpful customer support
  • Diverse product and services available
  • Help for all academic disciplines


We are happy to say that there are very few negatives here. Still, consider these items before you make a final choice with EssayPro:

  • Some customers are uncomfortable selecting their own writer.
  • No discounts or referral programs.
  • Lack of support for online payment platforms.

To Sum Up

As always, we are happy when we find a writing service company that we can confidently recommend. Fortunately, that is the case with EssayPro. They managed to impress us in several categories. Of course, the most important of these is writing quality. They consistently provide students and others with excellent papers that are academically sound.

In addition to this, we found this process of selecting and hiring writers to be very attractive. Many students feel a bit ‘out of the loop’ when services don’t give them any input into selecting their writer. Here, students are definitely in control. Finally, Essaypro site is secure and easy to use. Feel free to place your order with confidence.



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