GrabMyEssay Review: How to Be Sure You See a Trusted Writing Service?


One of our major focuses was to help students with their coursework, no matter what their academic level. This meant finding online writing services that delivered great quality, were priced right and offered all of the types of assignments that students would typically get. With this mission, we have researched and reviewed large numbers of writing services, rating them according to common criteria that we established in the beginning. We can then provide objective recommendations to students who need help. This GrabMyEssay review is our latest contribution. Read on.

Pricing System

We’ve done this long enough to know when pricing is right. If companies re too cheap, we are suspicious; if companies offer a single price-per-page no matter what the order, we are suspicious. These are clues that the service is a scam.

Fortunately, GrabMyEssay is not one of these. Its pricing is divided into categories of need, and students can get an estimated price right off the bat. Pricing is differentiated by three elements of an order – the student’s academic schooling level, the specific product or service being ordered, and the delivery date requirement.

Pricing begins at $14.99/page for academic writing at the high school level, with a two-week deadline and moves upward to $56.09/page for doctoral students whose deadline is within hours. Pricing for other services varies and can be calculated on that estimate form before a student ever places an order.

Types of Services

There is a link at the top of the GrabMyEssay landing page titled “services.” In the drop-down menu, there are categories of services the company provides. By clicking on each one, students are taken to a page that will give more detail about products/services. These categories are:

  • Academic Writing includes all of the most common assignments students get (essays, papers, book/movie reviews, critiques and analyses, case studies, presentations, lab reports, research proposals and projects, homework, etc.). We did speak to a customer support agent about research or writing projects that might be unique or really complex. She told us that with such a large pool of qualified experts, they would be able to accommodate these requests.
  • Admissions Services include college admissions essays, personal statement pieces for grad school admissions, and scholarship essays.
  • Re-writing, Editing, and Proofreading mean just that. Students can submit pieces for each of these services
  • Test-Taking. This refers to multiple-choice tests, timed or untimed.
  • STEM Coursework: There are projects and problem sets that can be especially daunting. GrabMyEssay has experts in all STEM areas who will not only complete them but will provide a detailed explanation as necessary. (We got this info from an engineering student who was very happy with his consultant)
  • Copywriting: This service is for online businesses who need website content, marketing and advertising copy, social media account maintenance, press releases, etc.
  • Dissertation Help: This is a separate category for grad students facing this huge project. GrabMyEssay offers as little or as much research and writing as requested. This might include the development of the research question, the proposal, a literature review, a research design, and analyzing the data for conclusions. offers a great, complete range of services – high ratings here. Now, how about that quality? This is the most important of our criteria. Without it, a writing service is worthless. So, we did some serious reading ourselves, talked to student customers who have had things to say, and went out on the web to see what we could find from other customers

  • GrabMyEssay site content is great – very clear, simple, and reflects sound English grammar. Likewise, the samples, which of course are more scholarly in tone, show expertise in topics, research and writing.
  • A good number of our site users have used GrabMyEssay, and they have only good things to say about their experiences – instructions followed, deadlines met, and, most important, original research and writing
  • Out on the web, we did find a few consumer comments, though some of these were from online businesses that had nothing but praise for the quality they got. A few students out there said the same.

Quality is there – we are happy.

Payment Options

We don’t need to say a lot about making payment. GrabMyEssay accepts all major credit/debit cards, PayPal, or wire transfer. Students anywhere in the world can make payment easily.

Now, about that security. We are always wary of writing companies that collect bank card information and process payments in-house. There is just not the security that a well-known payment processor with a successful record has. We were happy to know that GrabMyEssay uses an outside processor.


We insist on guarantees if we are going to rate a writing company well. GrabMyEssay has them, and according to customers, the company does follow through on these following:

  • Revisions: customers can request changes to a final draft until they are happy. These are free for the most part. But, if a change request runs contrary to the original order, there will be a charge.
  • No Plagiarism: GrabMyEssay puts each final piece through a plagiarism scan. If ever found, it is corrected before delivery
  • Privacy: There is a policy on this, and it covers all of the standard provisions. Most important for customers is that their personal data is securely held and encrypted. GrabMyEssay gives its customers ID numbers, and what they use for all interactions with writers and customer support. And, there is a guarantee that their information will never be distributed or shared.
  • Customer Instructions: When students submit their GrabMyEssay order forms, they have provided the details of what they need. It is up to the assigned writer to follow those instructions. Again, these are checked before delivery.
  • Deadlines: These are consistently met, according to customers. If, in a rare situation, GrabMyEssay cannot deliver on time, it provides a refund and future perks.
  • Refunds: there is a money-back policy that gives refunds under clearly described circumstances. We think everyone should read this policy.

Is Site Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate writing service. It’s been around for several years now, and has earned a reputation for commitment to its customers. And that’s the reason so many customers say they return whenever they need something else.


Here are our favorites:

  • Obviously qualified researchers and writers
  • Consistent quality
  • Knowledgeable customer service agents
  • Safe and secure


Whoa, we have a couple:

  • Blog articles are old and out-of-date
  • Pricey “extras” that could probably be reduced

To Sum Up

If you have gotten the impressions that we like, you are right. This company has everything we want to see in a trusted writing service, and then some. We have given GrabMyEssay our top ratings in every category. Students can use this company with total confidence.



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