GradeMiners Review: Can You Expect Quality Academic Writing?


Stress just comes with the “territory” of being a student. The classes, the lecture notes, the reading, the coursework assignments. Add to that the budget worries, the part-time job, and the relationship that is about to end because you have no time left, and you have the “perfect storm” for depression and burnout.

We can’t fix the relationship, but we can give you some time to work on it. At Trusted Essay Review, we explore online writing services that take loads of student assignments off of their backs and give them the time they need for other priorities. We dig up the facts about each one, rate them on common factors, and recommend the best ones so that students will get the quality they need for a reasonable cost. Our website is filled with writing services reviews, and we continue to add to that list.

This GradeMiners review is now a part of our list. Read on to learn all that we discovered.

Pricing System

We want to see transparent pricing. Once an order is completed, students should know that the final price is just that – no hidden fees later one – almost as if the product is held as a hostage. And there are unethical companies that do this.

GradeMiners posts an “estimate” form on its home page. Students can enter just the general information about the product or service they need and get a quick calculation. This will not be a final price because there are cost offsets, to wit:

  • Discounts: There is a one-time, first customer discount of 15% on that first order. After that, if a student subscribes to GradeMiners emails, other discount offers will be presented.
  • When completing the final and detailed order form, students will be able to choose some additional perks, but they come at a cost. There are three levels of writers, for example, and the “best available” is free. There are also fees for one-page summaries, more personal customer support, etc. We urge some caution here – students should pick the options they really need.

One thing that we don’t like is that there are no Grade Miners pricing charts for the different types of services. Students have to wait to complete that order form before the final price is calculated.

Prices at GradeMiners are high-average among our top-rated writing companies. For example, a high school essay with a deadline of 14-days will run $15.09/page. Prices go up based upon the normal factors that good writing companies use – product type, academic study level, and due date requirement.

Types of Services

There is a listing of 20 services found in the “services” link at the top of the GradeMiners home page. These include all of the most common writing needs, as well as those not so common. If a visitor clicks on any of those services, he will be taken to another page – some of these include details about the service, but some are vague and simply speak to writer qualifications, Grade Miners guarantees, and then post testimonials.

That said, does offer a full span of academic writing services for students in all circumstances. These include all of the common things – essays, papers, reviews, presentations, projects, coursework assignments, test-taking, lab reports, analyses, re-writing, editing and proofreading, admission and personal statement essays, case studies, and graduate level theses and dissertations. GradeMiners insists that it has the research and writing staff to take on any and all of these services.

This is all impressive. But our major goal in researching writing services is to discover the quality that they actually deliver. And most of that information comes from customers, although we do look at a few other GradeMiners elements and features:

  • We read every sentence of the website, looking for several things. We wanted to see clear and simple explanations; we wanted to see the sound organization of content, and we wanted to see perfect English composition. We found a lot of repetitive content, which is not all bad. Visitors need reminders and calls to action. We did find some English usage errors, which cause us to believe that some of these content writers are ESL.
  • GradeMiners does not provide samples, per se. It does, though, offer lots of free essays and papers that students can download as they work on writing their own pieces. We picked a few to read. Some were disappointing – again, grammatical and usage mistakes that we normally see from ESL writers.
  • Users of our review site have given us their feedback too. Feedback on GradeMiners is mixed. While many were completely satisfied with what they got, others, especially those at the college level and beyond, did have complaints about the quality of composition, customer support response, and quality of revisions.
  • We also checked out some of the well-known consumer review websites. We found the same thing. Many customers are happy, and others not so much. Complaints were in line with those we received from our site users. One interesting and repetitive comment seemed to be the assertion that the company is actually based in India. We couldn’t confirm this, but there is substantial information on the web that points to somewhere in Asia. states that it was launched in the U.S., but we cannot find a local address for the company.

As we look at the overall picture of GradeMiners services and quality, we find mixed reviews, although many are very happy with what they get.

Payment Methods

There are only 4 ways to make payments – Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. Most students will have one or more of these international bank cards. Recently, many of our top-rated services have begun to use PayPal as a payment platform because anyone can now run his card through it, and it is known for its security levels.

That said, GradeMiners does provide safe and secure methods for dealing with customer financial data. It does not have the technology to provide security itself, so it uses an outside processing platform that does have the right security levels. And many other companies use the same processor.

Students can feel comfortable surrendering their bank card information when making payment. We recommend GradeMiners consider adding PayPal as a method.


One of the things repeated all over the website is the multiple guarantees to customers. While there are only 2 written policies – Privacy and Terms of Use – many of the GradeMiners guarantees are included in these. If not, they are published all over the website.

GradeMiners has the promises we want to see in a writing service:

Original Research and Writing: According to GradeMiners, every written work is started from scratch after a writer has been assigned. And GradeMiners further promises that each finished work is scanned for plagiarism as a part of a quality control check before it is released for delivery.

Confidentiality: The GradeMiners Privacy Policy covers much of this and is common to all writing services we rate well. In short, customer information must be provided with an order, but that data is securely stored and encrypted. GradeMiners promises that it never allows any third-party access to customer personal information.

Quality Control: According to GradeMiners, there is a quality control department that checks every completed writing work. It ensures that all customer instructions have been followed, that research and writing are good, and that there is no plagiarized content.

Customer Deadlines: Again, GradeMiners states that customer deadlines are a top priority, and customers do state that their deadlines are met. This is a “biggie” because when products are late, students suffer from lowered grades, if not zeros. A late product can become worthless.

Money-Back: In the Terms and Conditions policy, GradeMiners explains the situations in which they offer refunds to students. Usually, these situations are when the company is at fault. Students should read this policy.

Revisions: These are offered for free if requested within 14 days of receipt of a final product. offers the guarantees that we want to see, and most customers state that these are honored.

Is Site Legit?

We can offer this. is a site that presents the truth about what the company offers, promises, and then delivers to its customers.

We have a few questions about the location of GradeMiners headquarters and some of its claims about the employment procedures for its writers, and the countries of origin of some of these writers. They are not all ENL writers. Still, GradeMiners meets our basic requirements for a legitimate service.


  • Full scope of writing services
  • Pricing within the scope of reputable writing services
  • 24/7 Customer Service Center
  • Guarantees that are honored


  • Only estimated pricing at first – no pricing charts
  • Limited payment methods – only 4 cards
  • Questions about the physical location of GradeMiners
  • Writer qualifications may be exaggerated

To Sum Up

We like a lot of things about It has a full array of services. Many customers are pleased with their results. It has and honors the normal guarantees we want to see. Concerns include product quality at higher levels of academics. For ESL and lower level students, GradeMiners could be a good option.



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