MarvelousEssays Review Discloses How the Company Works


As our reviews are always honest, we will share the information extracted from We will include details related to the list of services and prices asked by the vendor for different types of services. Also, we will mention which are the weak points and the areas where MarvelousEssays should make improvements. Besides, we will disclose the details of refund and revision policies. Thus, the customer will know what to expect in case he/she is not satisfied with the quality delivered by the writer.

Pricing List

Students usually have a short budget to allocate for professional writing services. Therefore, when they enter, they will find a price calculator that allows them to know from the beginning how much they will pay for the type of paper they need. This should be considered a positive characteristic of MarvelousEssays as it offers transparency. The fees returned by the price calculator will be the same as the ones mentioned on the invoice. Thus, MarvelousEssays doesn’t have any hidden fees.

We also simulated how much we would pay for a high school essay delivered in 11 days. This is the maximum deadline that a writer working for MarvelousEssays can meet. The calculator showed us that we would have to pay a price of $12.99 for one page. As the high school essay is the easiest type of content that a professional writer can deliver, we can say that the starting price available on is $12.99.

One feature that differentiates MarvelousEssays from other writing companies is the VIP package. It costs $22.88 and it brings additional services that the customer can use to ensure that he/she will receive the highest quality paper. Any client who gets the VIP standard receives extended revision, SMS notifications on the paper’s progress, and additional plagiarism checks. Besides, this statute allows customers to work with the top 10 writers who collaborate with MarvelousEssays and work with an editor to proofread his/her paper.

In this section, we will also talk about the discount policy. MarvelousEssays seems to know that they need to attract both new and returning customers. Each of them has different typologies. Therefore, the price reductions are different and they depend on certain parameters. For instance, all new customers will instantly receive a discount of 15%. Loyal customers can receive different discounts based on the total number of pages they order on For example, they will get a 5% discount if their orders have at least 30 pages. Customers will get a 10% discount in case the total number of pages ordered is at a minimum level of 50. Finally, the highest possible discount will be 15% in case they order more than 100 pages. Another important thing that is worth mentioning is that the discounts are for the lifetime.

List of Services

The list of services available on targets mainly students. They can order different academic writing services on several topics. For example, they can order lab reports, essay writing, thesis writing, term papers, or literary analysis. All these services can be offered thanks to MarvelousEssays’ ability to choose the best writers in the industry.

The writers can deliver content for all difficulty levels that students usually need. Therefore, they can write content for high school as well as for college, bachelor’s, university, and Ph.D. The recruiting process followed by MarvelousEssays is very strict. Therefore, the vendor will check the writers’ portfolios and take them through different tests to make sure that they have the necessary skills to deliver the type of services delivered by MarvelousEssays.

Clients can also order editing and proofreading services from These services are cheaper than content writing but they are very helpful for students as well. Therefore, the students can choose to write the content themselves and work with the editors and proofreaders available on to check their work carefully. In the end, they will pay less and receive a paper that is carefully checked and follows the professor’s instructions.

Still, doesn’t include any services for the business industry. We consider that the vendor can expand its portfolio of clients and target a different type of audience. For example, the vendor can deliver writing services like a news release, press release, or web content.

Payment Methods

Customers can use different payment methods to finalize their orders submitted on The clients can choose to pay with their credit or debit cards. MarvelousEssays accepts VISA and MasterCards. Customers can also finalize the payment by using their American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB credit cards. Also, they can finalize the payment using Safecharge Limited and 2 Checkout. While we appreciate that the vendor allows customers to pay with secure instruments, we consider that it can do more than that. It shouldn’t forget that the students prefer fast and reliable payment instruments. Therefore, PayPal should also find its place on the list.

Terms and Conditions

We checked whether has separate pages for refunds and revisions. As we couldn’t find any pages dedicated to this area, we checked the terms and conditions section to understand which are the MarvelousEssays’ conditions for providing revisions or refunds.

Free revisions can be offered if the client submits the request within 2 days from the moment the writer submits the final paper to the client. In case the client ordered a paper that has more than 19 pages, the timeframe will be the entire month. MarvelousEssays offers free revisions only if the customer meets some conditions. Apart from submitting the request in the timeframe mentioned above, the customer has to keep the same writing instructions. In case he/she adds more instructions, MarvelousEssays will consider that the client submitted a new order and will ask for extra charges.

A full refund is offered in case the client is not satisfied with the revision received by the reviewer. This request has to be submitted in a maximum of 14 days after the revision deadline expires. Such requests are carefully checked by the customer support department. They will check whether the client has solid evidence to demonstrate that the reviewer didn’t follow the instructions carefully. Based on the investigation’s result, the staff will decide to limit the revisions or reject the refund request.

Full refunds are also granted to those clients who submit the cancellation request before the vendor finds a suitable writer to take care of the order. Also, if the client made a double payment by mistake, he/she can ask to receive his/her money back for the second payment.

On, we also found details for partial refunds. If the customer decides to cancel the order after MarvelousEssays found a writer and the deadline period already start to flow. The refunded amount is proportional to the deadline period elapsed. For example, the client can receive a maximum of 80% of what he/she paid back in case only 39% of the deadline expired. The maximum amount of refund will be 50% in case the client submits the cancelation request when 60% of the deadline passed.

Is the Site Legit? is a reliable site for different reasons. It allows customers to pay for their orders with secure instruments. A site that secures all payments has an encrypted payment system installed and is 100% legit. Also, we found policies related to privacy and confidentiality.


MarvelousEssays has the following positive characteristics:

  • Secure payment instruments
  • Legit website
  • Budget-friendly fees
  • Attractive lifetime discounts


MarvelousEssays has the following negative points:

  • PayPal should be accepted as a payment method


MarvelousEssays offers content writing services for students. Besides, the clients can calculate the final prices using the price calculator. This means that the company has no hidden costs and attracts customers to trust it. Also, the payment methods are secure. However, the customers cannot pay for their orders with PayPal. On the other hand, the company has refunds and revisions policies in place. Still, they should develop the policies and come with clear examples so that customers understand what they need to do to receive free revisions, and their money back.



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