MasterPapers Review: Is the Company Trustworthy?


Student burnout is a real thing, especially in college. Usually, the signs are there:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Difficulties thinking clearly and grasping concepts
  • Grades going down
  • Loss of energy
  • Health problems
  • Relationship difficulties

If students do not recognize these signs in time, it can lead to dropping out. And about 1/3 of college freshmen do drop out that first year.

At Essays Writing Reviews, we want to help students fight burnout, and that is the reason for our website. We want to provide all kinds of resources to help college kids deal with the many issues of student life. We have a forum of registered users to share problems, tips, and more; we have a great blog filled with ideas and strategies for navigating through school life and for finding the balance that keeps a student whole and well.

Another key resource we have is our growing list of writing company reviews that gives kids key information about the types of products/services and their quality. This MasterPapers review is a part of our efforts.

Payment System

Visitors who land on the homepage of MasterPapers will be able to get a quick estimate of pricing for their writing needs. For example, a high school essay with a 7-day deadline requirement will cost $17.37/page. But, on that same form, there is a way to unlock a special price of $14.76 by providing an email address to get a coupon code for a 15% discount.


In addition to the estimated price, there are other factors that will affect the final pricing a student pays. These are all figured in during the final ordering and checkout phase of the process.


Students who place orders set up a personal account and agree to accept further emails from MasterPapers. They can then opt in for additional perks, including top writers, one-page summaries, a full plagiarism report, and more, but all of these do come with additional cost.


Once a student gets to the actual order form and inserts all of the order details, he will receive a final price that is solid and fixed.


MasterPapers pricing is within the high-average scope, but with discounts, it becomes more average.


Types of Services


Visitors will find a link titled “services,” and the list is huge. There is nothing that a student might want that isn’t on this list. We have condensed this list to the following categories:


  • Original Academic Writing: This includes all of the normal and even unique student needs – essays of all types, book reports/reviews, case studies, term and research papers, homework/coursework assignments. Lab reports, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, movie reviews, presentations, editing and proofreading, capstone projects (theses and dissertations), multiple choice questions, and research proposals and projects
  • Admissions, scholarship, personal statement essays, and other applicant materials
  • Resumes, CV’s, cover letters, and other job application materials
  • Business writing needs: website content, blog posts, and social media content (Note: students who are developing their own online portfolios may need to make use of these services too)


The quantity is clearly there. So now the question becomes this: what is the level of quality of what MasterPapers produces and delivers to its customers?


To evaluate this critical factor, we have taken several steps.


  • We read through the website content, looking for high quality, clear writing. The information and explanations are quite clear. We did find some grammatical issues which indicate some ESL writing.
  • We also reviewed several of the MasterPapers samples. Quite a “mixed bag” here. One college paper on Family Law was impossible to understand. We wonder if perhaps it was just a compilation of research a customer ordered. Another on HR management was well-organized and written, although, again, there were grammar errors indicative of an ESL writer. We urge students to read some of these examples as they look to find a match for their needs and expectations.
  • Some of our website users have had experiences with MasterPapers. Their feedback is somewhat positive, although there were some complaints about writing quality.
  • We checked SiteJabber. There are 180 reviews, many quite positive. Those who rated MasterPapers low complained about the quality of writing and lack of responsiveness from customer support.


We see mixed reviews about the quality, although the majority were positive. As with most writing agencies, satisfaction with MasterPapers is quite high among ESL and high school students but tends to be lower for upper levels of college and grad programs.


Payment Methods


Students can pay for orders using MasterCard, Amex, Visa, or Discover bank cards.


Our big concern with payments is always security. Customers do not want their financial data compromised by using unsecure systems. MasterPapers does use a secure third-party payment processor that has the right certifications and technology in place.


We would suggest adding PayPal as a platform. It is about as secure as you can get, and anyone can use it with their major bank cards.


Guarantees publishes four policies – Terms and Conditions, Refund and Revision Policy, Cookie Policy, and Money-Back Guarantee. Some of the company guarantees are housed in these policies; others are posted on the MasterPapers website. We are summarizing them here, but we do recommend that students read them.


  • No Plagiarism: MasterPapers states that it checks every written piece for plagiarism before it is cleared for customer delivery. If a student finds plagiarism, he is asked to submit a recognized plagiarism report to customer support.
  • Privacy Protections: pledges that it encrypts and secures all customer personal information and does not share it with anyone. Students are responsible for the security of their personal accounts, specifically not sharing their passwords with anyone.
  • Customer Instructions Followed: Again, MasterPapers states that its quality control department does check to make sure customer specifications are met.
  • Deadlines Met: If MasterPapers accepts an order, no matter how urgent, it guarantees the meeting of deadlines, as long as the student stays in touch and responds to questions or issues quickly.
  • Revision Policy: Customers can request as many revisions as they want, as long as they do not change the nature of the original order. If they do, there will be extra fees charged – these must be paid before work will begin.
  • Money-Back: This is a complex policy that gives all of the circumstances that will qualify for a refund from the company. The explanations are clear, so this policy should be read.


MasterPapers guarantees are those we like to see. And customers do state that, for the most part, these promises are honored.


Is Site Legit? has been around for 16 years, so it obviously has a history. According to the MasterPapers website, the company is located in New York, though we could not find a physical address.


Our expectations for legitimacy are met with It has a good business model, accepts orders, and fills those orders. It has policies and guarantees; it has a 24/7 customer support department that can be reached via multiple methods.




  • Takes very urgent orders
  • Pricing is reasonable
  • Legitimate guarantees
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Many customers are satisfied




  • Upper level student express concerns about writing quality
  • Does not use PayPal as a payment platform
  • Some samples need to be eliminated and replaced


To Sum Up could be a good resource for some students. It has been around for quite a while, and many are satisfied with their results. There are good guarantees, and pricing is reasonable. This MasterPapers review should provide enough information for students to decide if they want to try it out.



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