PaperFellows Review: A Quick Overview


First, a bit on the research that we do. As always, we began by exploring the website. This is where we learn about the services available, read policies, and determine how much it costs. We can also learn a bit about the history of the company itself.

Of course, we take on the role of student and make arrangements to receive an essay or research paper. We then analyze this for accuracy, quality, and originality. Then, because we don’t want our review to only reflect our experiences, we begin researching online. We read student reviews and any other content that is related to the writing service.

Finally, we put our thoughts together in the form of a comprehensive review. Hopefully, our insights will help you determine if this is the best writing provider for your needs.

Pricing System

PaperFellows uses the very popular services based model of pricing. That means they charge according to the service they are providing. These prices are set per page. The company provides a pricing chart. At the time this review was written, the lowest price for writing was $12.99 per page. That is for a high school paper with a two week deadline. At the other end of the spectrum is a doctoral paper due in less than six hours. This is because the price is impacted by grade level and urgency. Different types of writing are charged differently, as well.

As we mentioned, academic writing is charged by the page. So are editing and proofreading services and copywriting. There are some services that are charged using a slightly different model. For example, resumes and related documents are charged by the piece. Problem solving is priced per problem. Multiple choice answers are charged per assignment.

There are some additional fees that may be charged if the customer orders any extra products or services. These may be priced as a percentage of the overall order or a flat rate. These include ordering VIP customer service or paper summaries.

When we consider prices, we look at other writing services to conduct a comparison. In this case, we found that PaperFellows is quite competitive.

The last thing we do is look at any available discounts. We can state that several are available. These discounts reflect meaningful savings and include first time customer savings, loyalty discounts, and volume discounts.

Types of Services

PaperFellows is mostly involved in academic writing services. In fact, if you visit their website, you will note that this is what they focus on for the most part. Because of this, and because most of our readers are students, we have based this review almost entirely on their services for students. However, we will still give a brief overview of their other offerings as well.

PaperFellows Academic Writing

This is all writing from scratch done for students to help them with the demands of their courses. These services are available for students from high school through graduate school. Students may order essays, research papers, term papers, book reports, presentations, lab reports, and more.

PaperFellows Admissions Writing

This service category is also for students. However, in this case, the writing services have been designed to assist students who are trying to earn a spot in an elite university program or admission to graduate school. This includes application essay writing, scholarship essays, and personal statements.

PaperFellows Coursework Assistance

There are other services available here that don’t involve writing. These include problem solving for students in economics, statistics, math, and other courses. Students may also get assistance with multiple choice tests.

Editing and Proofreading

Any customer may order editing and proofreading services. This can be done by placing an order and uploading any text to be modified. Students may also order enhanced editing and proofreading when they order writing services.


These are services designed for use by business professionals. They are most commonly used by small business owners and marketing professionals. These services include web content writing, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and reviews.

Payment Options

PaperFellows expects students to make payments prior to any work being done. Further, if any new charges are incurred, they must be paid to prevent work from being halted. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to make a payment here. It’s simply a part of the online ordering process. Also, we noted that payment processing is routed through a secured provider that encrypts financial transactions.

The company accepts all standard forms of online payment. They take debit and credit card payments using Visa, MC, Discover, and Amex. They also accept PayPal and wire transfer.


Before any student uses PaperFellows or any other service, we urge them to consider the company’s guarantees. These are the written promises that the company backs with meaningful action up to and including refunds, credits, and revisions.

In order to determine if PaperFellows has customer friendly guarantees, we spent some time at reading their policy pages. This gave us a clear understanding of what customers were guaranteed and how those guarantees are supported. We can state that these policies are clear and detailed. They cover privacy issues, writing quality, originality, and money-back guarantees. Most of what we read was quite standard.

Customers who place an order may receive a refund if their paper is late, not delivered at all, or their order is canceled before work begins. There is a 100% guarantee of originality. This is backed by a full refund promise. Students who are unhappy with their work may request a free revision. However, this is only applicable in cases where the writer failed to follow instructions.

We paid close attention to data privacy policies here as well. Students are rightfully concerned with how their information is used and if it is kept safe. Fortunately, we discovered a solid privacy policy that addresses data collection, sharing, and customer rights.

To better understand if these policies are followed, we took the time to read several online customer reviews. The few that indicated there were issues mostly stated that they were satisfied with the resolution of those. We did not encounter any quality or customer service issues with our paper.

Is PaperFellows Legit?

Since quality is the most pressing concern, we are happy to state that the work we received from PaperFellows was exceptional. It was free of errors, delivered on time, and contained all necessary elements. The paper was also well-written, original, and used reliable sources.

The website is also easy to use. We were able to access the information we needed with ease. We were able to place an order and make payment with no issues.

These things, along with the company’s excellent reputation, lead us to believe that this company is indeed legit.


We have many positive things to say about PaperFellows. These are:

  • Writing quality is exceptional.
  • Customer support is responsive.
  • Staff responds well to any customer complaints.
  • They offer great content, such as writing samples.
  • Prices are competitive with great discounts.
  • Clear policies that are supported with guarantees and evidence that promises are kept.


We did not find anything significantly wrong or worrisome about PaperFellows. Overall, the company does excellent work, and has earned a stellar reputation. The only issues we found were that there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of blog content or a social media presence. Both would make the site more engaging for students.

To Sum Up

As we close this PaperFellows review, we can state that we are very willingly giving our endorsement. Quality is our primary concern, and PaperFellows exceeded our standards. We also found significant evidence that students have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with them as well.

In addition to quality, PaperFellows features excellent pricing, on time delivery, and great customer service. They also provide a significant amount of helpful information on their writers, services, and writing samples. It is for all of these reasons that we recommend students seriously consider placing their trust with this company.



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