PaperHelp Review – Find Out if This Writing Company Really is As Great as it Claims To Be


PaperHelp Overview

Even though the site looks okay from the start, we wanted to find out more, to test every service, feature, and functionality, to make sure our first impression was the right one. In this overview, you can find our detailed opinion on every aspect of this website: from their pricing and service portfolio to the way they hire and pick writers. Let’s start at the top.

Pricing System

As soon as you land on the homepage, you’ll be welcomed by a calculator. This calculator is one of the easier ones to use in the industry, and we will explain why later.

Usually, when it comes to pricing, many providers offer just a few categories on their calculator, and you get your quote in a few clicks. PaperHelp calculator takes it to another level. Their calculator is much easier to understand. The academic level section has just 4 options to choose from, and those are: high school, college, university, Ph.D., and that’s it. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to think much about which category to choose. This is a huge competitive advantage.

The pricing on starts at $12. You can’t find .99 prices on their site, there are no tricks. This simplicity is another great market differentiator. Pricing is transparent and straight to the point. You’ll know exactly how much you’re supposed to pay. However, they are not as competitive price-wise as some other sites.

PaperHelp pricing is based on the following factors:

  1. Academic Level, which has only 4 easy to understand categories, which we mentioned earlier. Most other providers have many options to choose from under the academic level category, and that’s why they are much more complicated to use. If your work is more difficult to write and requires more skill or time, the total cost will be higher.
  2. Type of Paper – here, they have many different options to choose from, which makes it easy for customers. If there are few categories when it comes to paper type, then customers have to think for a long time and guess to which category their work belongs.
  3. The deadline – with most providers, you can choose between 6 hours and 14 days when it comes to deadlines. The first thing that’s different with PaperHelp is the design. There is a calendar, and you only have to choose the date. On top of that, you can choose even 3 hours deadline for the most urgent type of work

If you decide to use some extra options such as to choose top writers, plagiarism report, sources used, just to name a few of them, your total price will be significantly higher. This is a downside because many services don’t charge extra for these perks.

On top of these starting offers to choose from, you can always use discounts. They don’t have a standard first-time customer discount, which is the common option with most providers. PaperHelp offers 70% off on the 2nd version of any work you place an order for. So, you might benefit more from using sites that have a first-time customer discount if you’re just browsing for the ideal service.

When it comes to lifetime discounts, those are based on the total amount of money spent. They offer only 5% and 10% lifetime discounts. Once the total cost of your order(s) is over $500, you’re eligible for a 5% discount. If you have spent $1000 or more, you’re eligible for a 10% discount. Usually, the standard in this industry is to have 5%, 10%, and 15% lifetime discounts.

The 3rd discount option available on is to use coupons from their email offers. The total cost of your order has to be $30 or more in order to qualify for this one. We are not so much pleased with their discount policy as other websites really do offer better deals and perks.

PaperHelp offers a referral program, as well. If you refer your friend, they get a 10% discount on their first order, and you get a 10% off what they pay.

Types of Services

PaperHelp offers a wide range of services. They have two main categories:

  1. Essay Services
  2. Other Services

Each category has a wide range of sub-services.

When it comes to essay services, you choose between many different options: college paper help, custom paper writing, argumentative essay, rewriting, paper help, and others.

The second section is a bit more interesting because it has many different sub-services to offer. Those services are: do my homework, assignment help, research paper writing service, coursework help, term paper help, proofreading, multiple-choice questions, problem-solving, and others.

PaperHelp has a standard range of services to offer, and these are available all across the industry.

Most of these services are created and focused on students and future academics. The next important categories of customers who use these services are online professionals, such as writers, bloggers, and website owners.

Payment Methods

PaperHelp offers a few different payment options:

  1. Good old credit cards: Discover, Master Card, American Express, Visa
  2. Splitit – using this online provider, you can split your total payment into few installments
  3. JCB – the only international payment provider based in Japan
  4. Apple Pay


When it comes to guarantees, most online writing providers have a long list of rules, which makes them complicated for end-users. PaperHelp is different in this department, but their guarantees are somewhat ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Yes, they do have a long list of rules that apply for different scenarios, but at least they split these rules based on the total amount of compensation you’re eligible for.

  1. 100% refund is available for you if:
  • You made a payment mistake
  • No writer was found for you
  • If the paper is no longer needed due to the delayed delivery
  • If you cancel prior to the writer was assigned to do the work
  1. 70% refund is available if:
  • You want to cancel once the writer was already assigned to write your paper and less than 50% of the deadline passed
  1. 50% refund is available if:
  • PaperHelp is not able to find a suitable writer for the revision of your work
  • If you decide to cancel once the writer was assigned to write your work and more than 50% of the deadline passed

Revision policy is separated from the refund and cancellation policy. The common case within the industry is to place all these claims under one section called cancellation policy.

Their revision policy is complicated and not properly explained on their site. It leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation, which is not good in terms of transparency and customer satisfaction.

Is Site Legit?

The site is definitely a legit site, with many customers served and an experienced team of experts behind it.


  • PaperHelp website has the best design and quality in the industry
  • Pricing policy is simplified and extremely easy to understand
  • Online calculator has a great design, and it’s very easy to use
  • Referral program is another market differentiator. This feature is not common in the industry
  • Customer support is quick to respond and available 24/7


  • Lifetime discounts are based on the total amount of money spent and not on the volume of your orders. These discount only offer 5% and 10% savings while most competitors offer a 15% saving as well
  • The first-time discount doesn’t exist, and they do have a 70% discount on revision, but the rules are complicated, and it’s more difficult to get revisions than on other writing websites
  • Money back policy is complicated

To Sum Up

We definitely liked the quality and reliability of the PaperHelp team. They do have a great team of experts, and their work has received many positive reviews on legitimate review sites such as Trustpilot. It’s very easy for end-users to navigate and find everything they need. One segment they should definitely improve is the revision policy. They could also benefit from guarantees and promises that are more straightforward so that customers know what to expect. We would not recommend this site for first-time writing orders, but if you have experience already, you can try it.



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