Privacy Policy

When it comes to your usage of our site, it is our role to make sure that we appropriately handle the data and details that we gather whenever you access or visit our website. Ours is one robust and effective privacy policy in place that dictates how we handle user data gathered when using our website. Given that we value the privacy of users, we would like to share how our sites treat data and information gathered.

User Data Gathered

When users make use of our website, we collect data of two kinds. First, we gather data as users access our site. This data is relatively technical. It includes the kind of browser utilized, user’s IP address, pages you visit on our site and length of your visit on the website.

There are various cookies we store on your browser that are active when browsing our site but discontinue when you leave the site. We may also store persistent cookies which store login data to save you time that would have gone to repetitively entering your login data whenever you want to access our site. However, you can, at any time, accept or reject cookies. Users can act on cookies by checking out the settings of their browsers.

The other kind of data that we gather is your personal data. These are details that users provide when they create an account. This data includes actions you take, including searches, conversations you engage in, and messages sent and received. We gather this data to communicate to you via email or newsletters.

About data collection, we will collect personal data via lawful means. In many cases, this operates with full knowledge and consent of concerned users. We will also ensure that we identify the reasons for gathering that data before or when we collect data.

On matters of personal information, we will gather information for reasons which it should be used and to required limits. The purposes should be legitimate and accurate. On security of information, we will protect user data by deploying proper safeguards of security to prevent cases of loss, unauthorized access, data theft or even modification.

On issues of management of user data, we will make guidelines available to our customers pertaining policies and standards relating to the management and handling of personal data. On information retention, we will retain user information for the necessary period and according to enacted laws.

Content Posted or Shared on our Website

We understand after time, using your account, you may engage in conversations with account holders. When you engage various users, the content that you create belongs to you. It’s in no way our content. When a user posts this content, they post at their own risk. We are not liable for the content that users post.

Users should note that on our site, you can set various privacy options that will limit or hinder other users from accessing certain comments. We cannot, however, assure you that such settings are foolproof and secure. In cases where there is unauthorized access through things like hacking, for instance, we will not be liable or responsible for any consequences.

In situations where you omit or edit the content that you posted, you must understand that the content might still be in our archives. You should also keep in mind that the content might as well have been saved in various other means by other account holders.

While you might have edited posted content or deleted the content, it is possible that some could still be saved somewhere. We cannot guarantee you that your content will not show up online when you delete or edit it. If another user recorded the content, then they could share this content even long after you have omitted it on your account or edited the content.

How We Utilize Information Collected

We utilize the data gathered with various purposes in place. We may use the contact details to share information concerning updates, new features and changes, and important operational communication regarding the website.

When it comes to browser information, we collect this information to update as well as ensure that our website has the technical aspects that allow for compatibility and integration. This information also helps to dictate how we roll out new features and changes that afford us the opportunity to create a seamless service for our users.

As a user, it’s worth noting that you are responsible for your privacy settings.

Third Parties

On third parties, we may share information for any beneficial purpose for users. However, regarding contact details, we won’t share any details absent of consent from users.