ProPapers Review – Take a Look at Our Overview and Final Rating


If you want to succeed you have to pay attention to your marketing channels, reviews and technology. We wanted to test all of these categories to find out if ProPapers offers high quality and if they are a reputable business.

In order to do this, we will test their site, its services, policies and overall online presence and reviews. We will also place a test order to see what the process actually looks like.

On top of this, we will make comparisons with their competitors since we already have a deep understanding of the industry. With most companies within this industry, features, services and their overall quality is similar and every niche is used to gain competitive advantage.

Let’s see if the ProPapers team has gained some competitive advantage in the online writing world, starting with their prices.

Pricing System

When it comes to pricing, this whole industry based their pricing options on three important factors: total number of pages, the deadline and level of difficulty or skill required to do the job.

Most companies will add discounts and special offers in order to make their pricing more competitive.

The pricing on starts at $9.99, which is lower than the industry average of $12.99.

ProPapers has an online calculator available on their site This calculator is the best-looking one we’ve seen in the industry until now. It looks like a smartphone which was a really smart move by their design team.

The pricing is calculated based on:

  1. The deadline interval in a range between 6 hours and 20 days. Some competitors have 3 hours as the most urgent option but we haven’t seen anyone with 20 days as the longest deadline option.
  2. The academics level is split into high school, college and professional levels. This way of segmentation is a really simple method to make it as easy as possible for your customers to choose the right level.
  3. The total number of pages is a self-explanatory section. We have to mention that one page consists of 275 words and that’s the standard in the industry.

ProPapers offers discounts to its customers. Most competitors have 1st time and lifetime discounts available to offer. This is the case with ProPapers as well.

  1. 1st-time discount of 15% is properly advertised right on the homepage, which is a good policy when it comes to transparency. We do have to mention how this discount is slightly smaller compared to the 20% discount offered by most competitors for the first order.
  2. Lifetime discounts are based on the total number of orders placed:
  • 5% off after 1st order
  • 10% off after 5th order
  • 15% off after the 15th order

We have to emphasize that this is a highly ethical move made by them. This is quite a unique marketing strategy and the most affordable one we’ve ever seen.

Their competitors based their lifetime discounts on the total amount of money spent or the total amount of pages ordered. Here we can see how and why their lifetime discount policy works so much more in favor of their customers.

They also send special offers via email to their members. Once you register you can click on their unique gadget “Spin a Wheel” where you can win different discounts based on your luck. This is another competitive advantage for their team.

There is one highly important remark we have to make here. Below their lifetime discounts section, it’s written how their discounts can’t be applied for orders where the total amount is less than $25. Now, we don’t know if this is applied to lifetime discounts only or to any discount available at

Types of Services

ProPapers offers a wide range of services available on its site We will mention and analyze the most important ones below:

  • Academic Helpis the section that covers many different types of papers such as essays, case studies, term papers, research or thesis help, assignment writing and many others. ProPapers team guarantees that every paper will be 100% plagiarism-free.
  • Admission help & Business writing is a service excellent for professionals who want to improve their chances of being hired. Their professional team of writers is capable of creating an excellent admission essay, personal statement, resume or CV for you.
  • Editing and Proofreading your paper is the best service for students. Hiring a professional writer to proofread and edit your work is a recipe for the best grades!
  • Multiple-Choice Questions are the most popular way of testing the knowledge of your undergraduate students. ProPapers team has many years of experience in this field which will make your job to create high-quality and fair test much easier.
  • Other Writing Services such as case study writing, PowerPoint presentation, biography writing, article writing and many others.

In the end, we conclude that ProPapers covers the most important services, the same as their competitors. Those services are well explained and it’s really easy to find all the details about each service on

Payment Methods

ProPapers accepts most credit cards such as American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover and Diners Club. They also accept JCB payments.

Most competitors support PayPal and e-checks which means ProPapers team should work on their payment methods.


When it comes to the refund policy, we want to praise the way they explained it on their site. Even though this is the online writing industry, most companies have their refund policy written in a very confusing manner.

ProPapers refund rules are split into different categories, based on the total percentage of refund you’re eligible for:

  1. You’re eligible for a 100% credit/ refund if:
  • Their team missed the deadline
  • They failed to find a writer for your paper
  • You canceled before the writer was assigned to do the work
  1. You’re eligible for a 65% refund or a 75% credit if:
  • You decide to cancel after the writer was already assigned to write your paper
  1. You’re eligible for a 40% refund or 60% credit if:
  • You decide to cancel once the writer was assigned and more than half the deadline has passed
  • You sent your paper for revision and their team failed to do it on time for you

If you’re ordering from the EU, the total VAT amount is non-refundable.

As you can see, they do have quite a unique refund policy because they offer both credits and refunds. If you decide to go for credits, you’ll have to use them for some other order on their site. This is a very smart move on their behalf and unique in the industry.

Is Site Legit?

ProPapers site is 100% legit with many years of experience, a highly qualified team of writers and great reviews on many different platforms.

They are registered on Facebook and Twitter which is not a common thing in this industry. Many of their competitors don’t have profiles on any social network.

Their team has received great reviews both on independent review sites such as Trustpilot along with reviews on their Facebook profile.


  • Their online calculator has a beautiful and clean design and it’s extremely easy to use
  • Lifetime discounts are extremely beneficial for the customer, compared with the rest of the industry
  • They offer a wide range of services, each one of them is properly explained and easy to understand
  • Their refund policy is written in a great way, easy for customers to understand


  • Payment Methods – they support only traditional options such as credit cards but modern online providers such as PayPal or Apple Pay are not supported

To Sum Up

If you’re looking for high-quality work to be done in a timely manner, we do recommend you to use the services of the ProPapers team. They offer many different services with affordable pricing options. On top of that, they have great customer support and excellent reviews.



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