RewardedEssays Review: Should Students Order from this Company?


Every once in a while, we come across an online writing service that impresses us more than most. is one of those services. We first came across the company when one of our users contacted us and asked us what we knew about RewardedEssays. We knew nothing but put it on our list for reviews (Yes, we do keep a running list). Finally, it came to the top. We used the same criteria we always do to evaluate Rewarded Essays:

  • We combed through the company’s website – every page, every sentence. We always want to see impeccable grammar and composition. This is an indication of the quality of writing a customer might expect to get. If website content is sloppy and full of mistakes, it smacks of a lack of quality control. did not disappoint us.
  • We reviewed all of the products and services, especially for students. Unless a writing company focuses on a narrow area (e.g., theses and dissertations), we want to see a comprehensive range of offerings for students at all grade levels. Again, RewardedEssays didn’t disappoint.
  • We wanted information about writers – how they are selected and what qualifications are demanded. We got it.
  • We looked at pricing, discounts, benefits, and extras – these were clearly spelled out.
  • We reviewed policies, processes, and guarantees. RewardedEssays has them.
  • We read a couple of blog posts and some of the writing samples published on the site.
  • We set about finding customers who had actually placed and received orders. We wanted them to comment on their total experience with RewardedEssays. We were able to find quite a few.

After looking at all of these elements and features, our users can now read this RewardedEssays review.

Pricing System

Professional writing companies let their customers know the exact amount they will be paying for what they order, and there are no hidden fees down the road. Rewarded Essays does two things in this regard:

  • Customers can get an initial estimated price by filling in a short “quote” form with a few details.
  • If a customer proceeds to the actual order and checkout process, the final pricing is calculated, and that price is permanently set.

The lowest price for a piece of original academic writing is $12.99 – a high school essay or paper with a 2-week time frame for delivery. Prices progress upward from there, based on the type of writing or other services (e.g., editing), the customer’s grade level, and the deadline specification. They can get as high as $47.99 for a doctoral student with an urgent need.

There are RewardedEssays discounts for new and returning customers. Newbies will get 15% off with a code to enter at checkout. Returning customers can get discounts of 5 – 15% based upon the length of future orders. These are permanent.

Reputable writing agencies usually provide certain features without any cost. RewardedEssays is no exception. Students will get certain free pages, their choice of formatting, revisions, and a plagiarism scan.

There are other extra features that students can order for a fee. Again, these are rather standard for the industry. A higher-rated writer or one of the Top 10 writers in a content field may be requested at additional cost. We usually recommend these extras for students in graduate programs. Other RewardedEssays extras include more individualized customer service, a one-page summary, copies of resources used in research pieces, an extra proofreading, and a full plagiarism report.

Types of Services

We usually focus on the products and services that students can order from writing services. Our look at RewardedEssays was no different. It’s a large list. General categories are listed in a drop-down menu on the landing page. And footer pages provide more detailed information on specific products. When a student moves into the ordering process, much more detail is provided. Here is a listing for all that a student can order from RewardedEssays:

Student Products and Services

  • All types of essays, from basic English class assignments to research-based pieces in any topic field and at any academic level
  • Term and research papers – any subject, any academic level
  • Homework assignments
  • Test-taking
  • Research projects and proposals
  • Lab reports
  • Analyses and critiques
  • Book Reviews
  • Case studies
  • STEM problems and projects
  • Presentations
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Re-writing

Obviously, this is a comprehensive list. Students are also reminded that they can select these pieces within a full range of curricular areas, and there are RewardedEssays writers to take those on.

Two Other Categories of Products and Services provides a number of services to professionals and businesses too. It has specific departments of writers and editors for these needs:

  • Resumes and CV’s
  • Cover letters
  • Other applicant materials
  • Copywriting for websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing
  • Advertising and marketing materials – on- and offline
  • Business plans, proposals, and reports

All of these things are well and good. But the real “proof in the pudding” is the quality level of what is produced and delivered to customers. Evaluating quality of writing and other service requires that we look at several things:

  • Writing quality on the website: We already spoke to this. If quality is high, chances are products produced will also be high. Quality of writing on the RewardedEssays site is superb.
  • Research and writing quality of samples on the website. We read through a few of these two research pieces and one argumentative essay – all three either at the college or graduate school level. Again, we were impressed with the quality of resources and writing.
  • We put out a call among our users to submit their experiences and to encourage their friends to do the same. We did get several responses. Students who have reported to us are really “high” on RewardedEssays. They state that the company delivers great products, that these are delivered on time, and that the customer support department is great.
  • We found reviews, comments, and feedback on major consumer review websites. Again, they reinforced what students are telling us.

Payment Options

As an international company that serves customers all over the world, RewardedEssays offers several ways to pay, in any of its accepted currencies. Major bank cards are all acceptable, as are PayPal and a wire transfer.

Security is always a worry when doing business online and giving out financial information. RewardedEssays has you covered on this one. It does not take and process your payment. Instead, once a customer starts a payment, he is transferred over to a secure payment processor – one that is used by many major online retailers. It has the latest SSL certification.


A writing service that does not provide guarantees and live up to those is worthless. And there are plenty of companies out there that do not. Fortunately, RewardedEssays has both guarantees and does honor them, according to customers. Some guarantees are found in four of their policies – Terms of Use, Privacy, Money Back, and Cookies. Others are contained in the site content. Here is a quick summary of RewardedEssays guarantees:

  • No plagiarism: All completed pieces of writing are scanned for plagiarism before they are sent out to a customer. If a customer should ever find an instance of plagiarism, RewardedEssays will fix it and provide additional discounts and benefits. To date, we have no customer claiming any instance of plagiarism.
  • Confidentiality: privacy policy covers much of this- what information is collected from customers, how it is stored and protected, and the promise that personal information is never given out to anyone else. In fact, personal information is encrypted, and customers are assigned an ID number.
  • Revisions: As long as requested changes in a final draft do not change the original order instructions, they are free and will continue to be free until the customer is satisfied with the final piece.
  • Money Back: There are circumstances under which RewardedEssays will award partial or full refunds. Customers should read through this policy so they understand when they can request a refund.
  • Communication with Writer: RewardedEssays sets up a messaging system by which customers can speak with their writers during the production process. This is key to the customer getting just what he wants in the end.

These guarantees obviously do have practical application in RewardedEssays practices.

Is Site Legit?

There is no question in our minds about the legitimacy of In fact, this company reaches far beyond just being legitimate. It provides its customers with a high level of service, exceptional products, and a responsive customer support system. In fact, customer satisfaction is obviously at the top of its list of priorities.


There are so many positive things to say about RewardedEssays, it’s hard to name just a few. But here are what we believe to be the most important:

  • Customers have nothing but praise for the products and the service they have received
  • There are firm guarantees that the company honors
  • Writers are assigned to customer orders based upon their unique qualifications to produce them
  • Customers have access to their writers.


There are very few criticisms we have of Instead, we have a couple of suggestions:

  • The blog should be updated to include some current issues that students face, especially during this pandemic
  • Some of the extras (e.g., a plagiarism report) are rather high for a student’s budget. RewardedEssays should consider some pricing reductions.

To Sum Up

As we said at the beginning of this RewardedEssays review, we do come across writing services that actually go beyond our expectations and standards. This company is one of those. In all ways, its business model is built on professionalism, transparency, and a commitment to its customers. We would recommend RewardedEssays to anyone.



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