StudyBay Review: Thorough Research into the Company


StudyBay Overview has been in the writing service business for either seven or nine years depending on which of its web pages you are reading. It is owned by a company called Edutec, Ltd., based in Malta.

StudyBay model is one we have seen before. Customers place orders and then, registered writers place bids on the project. It is up to the customer to “interview” the bidders and make a selection. The company acts as a matching job board of sorts and has a passive role in the process.

Would-be writers for simply register, provide a photo and profile of education and background, and begin to select listed projects for bid. There doesn`t appear to be any process for verification of writers` credentials by StudyBay.

Our review has been conducted in depth and will provide enough information for a wise decision.

StudyBay Pricing System

Visitors will not find a pricing chart on the This is because the final pricing of a product or service is based upon bids and what the writer and customer negotiate as a final price.

In general, bid prices are low for the industry as a whole. There are writers who will bid as low as $5 – $6 per page for an essay or paper. But we know that this is not a reasonable price. If you choose to use, do not take the lowest bid – it has probably come from a writer who doesn`t have a track record for producing quality. Writers who will work for this low price are desperate and will not give you the quality you need.

The other issues we have with StudyBay and other services with such a business model is this. The responsibility for selecting a top-notch writer is on the back of a student who is not skilled in the interview process or the process of negotiating for the best price. They may end up with products they cannot possibly use and their money wasted.

StudyBay does periodically offer a discounted price – $10 off a first order when we checked – and that means that whatever you and your writer negotiate, you can subtract $10, with a coupon code.

Types of Services Offers

StudyBay company states that it can offer any kind of academic, business, web-based, and professional writing services. This is because it has qualified writers for all genres. Students of all ages and study fields can order up everything from essays to dissertations; business owners can order website content, blog posts, business plans, marketing content, and more; job seekers can get resumes and CVs.

There is a huge amount of content on the website. Most of the basic features of the company are on a single page which a visitor may scroll through – the process, products, writers, benefits, reviews, and blog.

Footer pages at the bottom can be accessed for detailed information about products. Every page at has a link to place an order. Again, once that order is placed, the student will receive bids, and must then make the final decision of writer selection.

Quality is always at the top of our list when we evaluate and rate a writing service. Unless customers receive quality products, all the promises and guarantees in the world will not matter.

In the case of StudyBay, our findings are really mixed.

  • Most of the informational content on is written well and follows the rules of English grammar and composition
  • As we moved into other StudyBay content, though, we began to see some real issues. We reviewed a few of the footer pages that provide detail on specific products. We found lots of grammar and word usage errors. And as we moved onto the blog posts, we found some very disturbing content. Here is just one example from a blog post showing an example of how to write an essay on “Ethics in Decision-Making”

“We all deal with decisions atlanta divorce attorneys day life, some appear obvious and easy while others do not. People are constantly struggling with their particular ethics through the decision making method. There are those who do not the right way to decided which can be ethical or perhaps not. I discovered an “Ethics Quick Test” from the On the net Ethics intended for Engineering and Science webpage (2002), which provides seven things, to check in order to examine the ethical implications toward a person decisions:”

  • When we solicited and received comments and feedback from customers who had used, we found a very mixed response.

Some customers were satisfied with the products they received; but more were dissatisfied. They complained about the quality of both resources and writing, and many stated that they believed the writer they had chosen had lied about his/her credentials and background. This is serious. If StudyBay intends to establish and maintain a decent reputation, then it has to screen writers and verify their credentials before allowing them to become registered writers.

The only recourse customers really have is to state their dissatisfaction and to request revisions from their chosen writer. Some customers stated they did not get those revisions. And there is no StudyBay refund policy that provides guarantees to customers.

The other important thing that potential customer must be aware of is this: writers do not take urgent orders with requirements of fewer than 24 hours. So, if you should have a tight deadline, StudyBay is not for you. Payment Options

Customers do not pay their writer directly. They place their money on account on, and it is released to the writer after the product is delivered.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. We suggest that customers use the new PayPal option – they can use PayPal as the processor of their credit cards, and it is one of the most secure methods. This way, no financial information is turned over to the company or any of its employees.

StudyBay Guarantees

Other than a promise of no plagiarism, we could only find one other guarantee – the right to request revisions to a finished product within 20 days of receiving that product. In most instances the writer has already been paid, so getting those revisions may be a bit tricky. This is probably why some customers complained that they did not get the revisions they asked for.

There are two written policies – a terms and conditions agreement and privacy policy that speaks to how customer personal and financial information is protected. These are standard.

We would caution students to read through the Terms and Conditions agreement. There is a listing of “administrative fees” which are tacked onto each order. These range from 28% to 40%, dependent upon the size of the order, and they are added to the overall cost of the order. So, if a student thinks he is getting a great price by accepting an attractive bid, he must understand that an administrative fee will be added to that order. The smaller the order, the higher this fee.

Is StudyBay Legit?

All of our research says yes. Customers place orders, communicate with their selected writers, and get their finished products. Payment methods are secure; there is a customer support department, albeit not really tasked with resolving issues.

Pros and Cons of

Our StudyBay review has resulted in the following:


  • A well-organized website that introduces the company and explains processes
  • Written policies that further explain rights and responsibilities of customers, writers, and the company
  • Secure payment methods
  • Direct communication between customers and writers


  • Not enough quality control over writers
  • Blog posts and footer pages display terrible writing. If this is any indication of what students can get, they will waste money
  • Customer complaints are wide-ranging and address issues with quality, revisions, and customer support
  • All of the onus for getting a good writer is placed on students

To Sum Up is a huge disappointment. Customers do all the work of “interviewing” and selecting writers. The company doesn`t have quality control over their authors. The risk of getting poor quality is high.

We would recommend that students stay away from this and find other services that are rated higher for quality and support.



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