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1. Terms

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2. License

When users access this website, they get a license which governs how they use the site and all materials on it. Users can download, temporarily, a copy of information on this site for uses that are personal or non-commercial. The license allows for certain acts and prohibits others which include:

  • Leveraging the materials on the site for personal or industrial commercial gains.
  • Reverse engineering of software or applications or other technical material contained on this website.
  • Interference with or removal of copyright labels or inappropriate use of trademarks from materials obtained from this website.
  • Modification or alteration of materials downloaded from the website.
  • Transferring materials from this site to other websites through electronic or non-electronic means.

When you abide by the permissions given by your license, you will have continued access to the information and materials on the website. However, when you do not comply to these permissions, your license will cease to be valid. An invalid license means no access to our site. It also means that you should destroy any form of information or materials in your possession that you accessed from our website.

3. Disclaimer

This site avails a wide variety of material “as is”. In this regard, this website does not make any express or implied warranties. This website doesn’t claim all warranties without limitation to implied warranties of merchantability conditions, non-infringement or violation of rights.

4. Limitations

There are users who might download the information and materials on our site and apply it in different contexts as they go about their lives. These materials on our site are not current and not accurate. Therefore, this site and its arms shall assume any responsibility for injuries caused by the usage of materials and information from our site, or the lack of usage of the same.

Should users rely on our site and get disappointing outcomes, our site will not take any responsibility. There are limits to what we do. We are not in the business of giving formulas or regimens to users. Users relying on this information are acting on their own since we do not give explicit advice to people to use our information in real world set ups or arrangements.

5. Accuracy of Materials

This website contains various materials and information that users can access and consume. However, the accuracy of these materials is not a guarantee. We put this information on the website to our best ability and we do not guarantee that all details therein are accurate.

We might also embark on missions and journeys to alter key information on the site. There are no elaborate mechanisms and schedules for this. Therefore, we might not be able to give a heads up to users on the nature of these changes or alterations. This also means that there are no assurances on the accuracy of the changes as well.

6. Links

To complement the information contained on the website, from time to time, we will refer to other external sites for further information and clarification on certain areas and topics. This should not plainly translate to an endorsement or form of support.

Users can click these links but there are caveats. We do not oversee information policies and terms of use of those externally linked sites. That means that we have no control over what happens between users and those sites.

7. Modifications

Since there are no clear-cut timetables and schedules with regards to informational or operational updates, this site may make changes without giving a notice. When you access and use the website means you are in on this and agree to it. This means that at times, there could be outages. We will not be responsible for such events that occur when we make modifications, updates or upgrades.

8. Governing Law

Every website out there has a host in terms of servers and core computational assets and backing infrastructure. There are also legalities involved which include matters dealing with registration. With regards to this, it is important for users to note that this website is subject to the laws of the United States. Visitors to the site should therefore keep in mind that accessing the site places them under the jurisdiction of U.S. courts and the United States legal and justice system.