The Most Thorough TopEssayWriting Review: How to Be Sure You Won’t Lose Your Money


While our main purpose is to investigate online writing services, we also provide a forum for students to hold an open conversation with each other, to post about their experiences with writing companies, and to take advantage of lots of other resources we provide.

Our latest review is on, a company that has been in the writing service business for several years and that is getting rave reviews from our users. You can read this TopEssayWriting review and decide for yourself if this company may be a good fit for your needs.

Pricing System

We want to see upfront pricing that is clearly stated and that is transparent. What we like about TopEssayWriting is that it has a form on its home page that lets a visitor plug in the most basic information and get an immediate quote. While this may not be the final price, due to other factors in the actual ordering process, potential customers can get a general idea of the pricing structure.

There are separate TopEssayWriting pricing charts for various types of assistance. These are included in a drop-down menu on the short quote form. For the most common pieces, written from scratch, the prices range from $12.99 to $47.99 a page. This pricing is the result of the same factors that all professional services use – the type of product, the urgency of the deadline, and the schooling level of the customer. Final prices can move up or down, depending on other factors – discounts and fee-based add-ons.

There are certain free benefits – formatting, some pages, a plagiarism scan, and customer-requested revisions.

Relative to discounts, TopEssayWriting does have a plan in place. A first-time customer will get 17% off. Customers who return will be granted other discounts over time, as they return with more orders.

And there are add-on benefits that can be ordered as a TrustEssayWriting order form is completed. These come with extra fees, so we caution students to think carefully about them and only choose the ones they really think they need. Some of these include the selection of the UK or higher-level writer, a final proofread, a higher level of customer service, a detailed plagiarism report, and other options.

What we can say about is this: Prices are within the acceptable range we find for professional companies; discounts are comparable; freebies are standard for the industry, and add-ons that come with a cost are pretty standard too. Overall, there is transparency and reasonableness.

Type of Services

A visitor will find the complete list of everything that TopEssayWriting offers on that easy quote form. And, according to customer service, if a visitor should not find a piece he needs, all he has to do is contact them, and they will find a suitable and qualified writer for even a unique or very complex order.

We found the number of offerings quite comprehensive. In fact, if a student decides that TopEssayWriting is a good writing resource, he will find that he can order everything he might need for the rest of his schooling years.

Here is a list of all the offerings a visitor will find:

  • All types of essays that are common assignments in English comp classes
  • Any type of research essay or paper assigned, no matter the topic or schooling level
  • Term papers – all topics, high school through grad school
  • Research projects and literature reviews
  • Lab reports in any science field
  • Case studies
  • Speeches and other oral presentations (PowerPoints too)
  • Book reviews
  • Response essays
  • Analyses
  • Critiques
  • STEM coursework
  • Homework assignments in all subjects
  • Movie reviews and analyses
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Admissions materials, including essays and personal statements
  • Re-writing
  • Editing and proofing

For sure, TopEssayWriting is what we call a “comprehensive” writing agency, as far as student customers are concerned. But a far bigger concern is what students can expect in terms of quality. And this is our bigger concern too. So, when we check into quality, we look at several things:

  • The quality of writing that occurs on a company website is important. If grammar and composition are not good, then it’s hard to imagine that products crafted by that company will be good either. This is a visitor’s first clue. In the case of TopEssayWriting, we are fully impressed. The content on the main pages, as well as in the footer pages, is superior.
  • Quality of samples that a company chooses to use as examples of what customers can expect to receive. Again, samples reflect good scholarly research and writing. We urge students to read one or two. They will like what they see.
  • We review the “buzz” we find from students on our site who have used TopEssayWriting and are willing to post their comments and feedback. There have been a number of very positive posts and recommendations from student users. They talk about having lots of input through conversations with their writers, about receiving their orders on time, and about a high level of quality in both research and composition. Some also praised the responses they got from the customer support department when it was contacted.
  • We like to look at some of the most popular consumer review websites to see if TopEssayWriting pops up. And there are some customer comments on a few of these – all positive and reinforcing what our site users have to say.

Quality is not an issue with TopEssayWriting. In fact, its customers are consistently pleased.

Payment Options

How any product is paid for when doing business online is always a concern. Consumers worry that their identities and banking information may be hacked. And that is truly a nightmare. Online retailers must also be sure that they provide enough payment options so that any customer from anywhere has one that works for him.

Fortunately, TopEssayWriting has its customers “covered.” First, it offers payment via any major international credit card, PayPal, and wire transfer. Second, it does not process customer payments. Just as all reputable online retailers do, TopEssayWriting contracts with an outside firm that many large online retailers use. Banking information is as secure as it can get.


Guarantees are good, and necessary if a company wants to stay in business. No customer will ever return if he can’t return items, exchange items, and get a refund if something is defective. There are at least implied guarantees when people shop for things. has guarantees, but they are not implied. They are in writing on the site and in their policies. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Only Original Products: Each order not begun until it has been assigned to a writer. That writer begins from scratch. And the TopEssayWriting quality-control staff scans that finished piece to ensure originality.
  • Timely Delivery: the customer gives a deadline date on the order form. By taking payment, the company agrees to that deadline. If ever a deadline is missed, TopEssayWriting will make it right with refunds and future benefits.
  • Privacy: there is a privacy policy, and visitors should read it. TopEssayWriting explains the information they collect from customers, what they do with that information and how they protect a customer’s identity. There is good technology in place to encrypt and secure all data.
  • Revisions: This is a free benefit, and they are unlimited as long as the customer still wants changes. The only time they cost is if a change alters the original order.
  • Refunds: Yes, there are refunds, and the times at which these will be paid out are clearly listed in the TopEssayWriting Terms and Conditions policy.

TopEssayWriting has all of the guarantees we want to see. And, customers verify that these are not just empty promises – they are real.

Is Site Legit?

What makes a site legitimate? Several things, actually:

  • It is a real company based somewhere, and it has ways for customers to get in touch.
  • It has a nicely built order form where customers can give all of the detail they need
  • There is communication between customers and their writers
  • Pricing is transparent with no hidden fees
  • Customers get their ordered pieces on time, they are not plagiarized, and they are appropriately researched and written

TopEssayWriting meets all of these criteria and then some. Customers praise the great customer service and communication, excellent quality, and company security.


There are really too many to name them all, but here is what stands out to us:

  • TopEssayWriting employs great researchers and writers – what they deliver speaks for this
  • Pricing is average and upfront
  • Guarantees mean something
  • Security is high
  • Responsive writers and customer support agents


We would submit the following for consideration by TopEssayWriting administrators:

  • Add some more variety to the samples
  • Update the blog, given the challenges of the pandemic

To Sum Up

If you have read this review, you know we feel pretty good about And for good reason. This company does everything rights, has a solid business model, puts it customer’s first, and really focuses on long-term clientele. We give TopEssayWriting top marks and recommend it without any reservations.



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