WiseEssays Review: Can Students Trust this Company?


WiseEssays Overview

Wiseessays.com is a Bulgarian-based writing service that has been in the business of academic writing products and services for 8 years. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students can order virtually any type of writing product or service, homework help, even admissions, and scholarship essays.

The company promises a number of things:

  • Fully original writing
  • Confidentiality, on-time delivery, and revisions
  • Native English-speaking writers, with the choice of U.S. or UK experts
  • All writers are qualified in their areas of work
  • Reasonable pricing and discounts
  • A customer support team that is available 24/7

Of course, all of these promises need to be researched and verified, as well as the quality of the products and services WiseEssays.com delivers. Following our independent research and evaluation, we do not see this company as a writing resource that students should consider. What follows will provide you with a clear and objective evaluation of WiseEssays.com that supports our recommendation.

WiseEssays Pricing System

Visitors who check out the pricing page may be somewhat confused by the time they get to the actual order page. On the home page, it is stated that a high school essay is priced at $9.11/page but $7.74/page with the new customer discount. But, when we arrived at the pricing page at WiseEssays, we learned that essays, term and research papers, and most all other academic writing is priced at $12.71/page before discounts. There are also charts for editing, dissertation services ($14.41/page), presentations, coursework assignments, and more. We urge visitors to check out these prices before they place orders. But beware that the pricing chart is not the real price you will pay in the end.

When a visitor makes the choice to place an order, he will see the details. Pricing is actually based on academic level, type of writing piece, and deadline requirements. Until the customer includes all of the details, he will not have a final price. This in itself is not unusual. What is unusual is that the published prices on the website are deceptive at the onset, and this is not really professional.

Overall, the pricing of WiseEssays falls within the average range.

Types of Services from WiseEssays.com

At first glance, the WiseEssays.com website is impressive. It is well-organized, easily navigated, and provides all the information that a visitor would want to have. As well, the content is well-written and reflective of good English grammar and composition. This can be an indicator that the company is actually using native English-speaking writers to complete student orders.

WiseEssays.com offers virtually any type of academic writing a student could want – essays of all types, papers on any topic at any grade level, presentations, projects, book and movie reviews, literary analyses, homework help, case studies, theses and dissertations, and even college and graduate school admissions essays.

Quality of these products, though, is the crux of the value of any academic writing service. And, in order to evaluate product quality, we have to look at what actual customers have had to say about their experiences. We also looked at content that WiseEssays has on its blog and samples.

As encouraged as we were by the website content, we were more discouraged when we took a look at some of the blog posts and sample products posted on the site.

Specifically, we looked at a sample MLA essay at the college level on American heroes. The essay was obviously pointing out the characteristics that American heroes have in common. Unfortunately, there was no clear thesis statement. There were also incorrect word usage and punctuation errors that a qualified native English language professional would not make. Here’s an example from that essay: “American heroes are selflessness.” One bright spot – the use of the MLA format was correct.

We also solicited customer feedback on their experiences and received very mixed responses.

  • High school students seem to be relatively satisfied with the products and services they received. The only exception to this was in the area of college admissions essays which received poor ratings from students who ordered and received them
  • College and grad students are not so complimentary. They have provided feedback that speaks to poor writing, leading them to believe that ESL writers are being used, despite the WiseEssays.com claims of only native English-speaking researchers and writers.
  • Other complaints relate to old and outdated resources and lack of ability to communicate directly with their writers.
  • The few graduate students who did provide feedback stated that, specifically in the area of resource use, their writers from the WiseEssays company were actually using secondary rather than primary research materials – something that would not be acceptable in any graduate program.

WiseEssays Payment Options

Customers can use any major credit card, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, as well as PayPal, wire transfer, and a few other European-based bank cards.

It looks like payment methods are secured through SSL certification, so customers can feel safe sharing their financial information on WiseEssays.com.

One additional note here. You can now use PayPal as a payment portal for any credit card you may want to use. It is really safe and secure and will give you even more confidence when you make a payment.

Also, be sure that you check out the WiseEssays.com discount program, for both new and returning customers. You don’t want to lose out on any savings you could be entitled to.

Company Guarantees

WiseEssays has a published set of policies, something we always like to see. Specifically, there is a terms and conditions agreement, a privacy policy, a money-back guarantee, cancellation terms, delivery policy, and extra terms.

In general, these policies look a lot like those written by most other professional writing services. Highlights are as follows:

  • The terms and conditions provide general information about the rights and responsibilities of customers and the WiseEssays company. It covers such things as how to place an order, process for product completion, communication with writers and customer support, revision request provisions, guarantee of no plagiarism, and more.
  • The privacy policy guarantees that WiseEssays will never reveal your identity to any third party and explains how your identity is protected on its site.
  • Money-back guarantee spells out the conditions under which you can request a full or partial refund and how you request it.
  • Cancellation terms speaks to how much of a refund you may receive when you cancel an order at various stages of its placement and progress.
  • On-time delivery is guaranteed. If any delay is the fault of your writer or WiseEssays.com, you will receive a partial or full refund. If it is the delay is your fault, there won’t be any refund.
  • Extra terms are guaranteed when a customer pays the additional amounts charged for them – an additional proofreading expert, personalized customer service, graduated payments, and more.

You should read through these guarantees, so that you know what your rights are if things go awry.

Is WiseEssays.com Legit?

The short answer is yes. WiseEssays is a real company that offers academic writing to its customers. And it does deliver products to those customers.

If we want to take the term “legitimacy” to a broader definition, however, we do have some issues.

WiseEssays company is deceptive in a couple of ways:

  • It leads customers to believe that all writers are native English-speaking degreed scholars. Upon further examination and a discussion with a customer support agent, we did learn that writers are from English-speaking countries but not necessarily native speakers. At WiseEssays, customers may get an ESL writer, something we already suspected.
  • The company’s pricing schedule is also a bit deceptive. Once a customer gets to the order form, he will see that prices are actually quite varied, based on the details of each order.

Pros and Cons of WiseEssays.com

We can list the pros and cons of WiseEssays quite simply.


  • Well-organized website that visitors can navigate easily
  • Guarantees in writing
  • On-time delivery according to customer feedback
  • Secure payment methods
  • Protection of customer privacy


  • Deceptive information regarding writers and pricing
  • Poor quality research and writing, based on customer comments and feedback
  • Poorly written blog posts and samples
  • Probable use of an answering service for its customer support function, rather than in-house, company trained agents.

To Sum Up

WiseEssays.com has been around a while. It has had plenty of time to develop its business model, which is similar to that of most other online writing services, as well as a nicely appointed website with all the information a visitor will want to have.

But, as we have said previously, the worth of a writing company lies with the quality of products and services it delivers. In this critical area, WiseEssays.com just does not meet our standards.

We urge students to look at other online writing services that have received much better ratings than WiseEssays.com.



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